PFU #027

Hello everyone. Here is this year’s holiday mix. I’ve mixed it into one track for easier listening. Just download it in one shot and go. I’ve also included a link to the mix on Mixcloud.

This year we are offering 2 original tracks by friends of PFU. Next year we hope to put together an entire EP of new, original Christmas songs. Here are the two new ones, with many thanks to the artists that made them:

PFU #027: CHRISTMAS 2012


  1. Crispin Hellion Glover – Never Say “Never” To Always
  2. Neil Hamburger – Paris Hilton
  3. Das Racist & Deerhoof – The Child With The Star On His Head
  4. The Shins – Wonderful Christmastime
  5. Binky Griptite – Stone Soul Christmas
  6. Soledad Brothers – Hang My Star
  7. Paper City – Holiday Dreams of You
  8. Carla Thomas – All I Want For Christmas is You
  9. Eleanor Friedberger – Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me
  10. The Steel Drums of Trinidad – Amazing Grace
  11. Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Getting High For Jesus
  12. The Brown Dots – At Our Fireplace
  13. Parenthetical Girls – Rejoice, Rejoice
  14. Irma Thomas – Two Winters Long
  15. Arcade Fire – Winter For A Year
  16. Little Joey Farr – Rock n’ Roll Santa
  17. Charles Bradley – Mary’s Baby
  18. Josh Rouse – Winter in the Hamptons
  19. Brendan Hanlon & The Bat Men – Christmas Party
  20. Sufjan Stevens – Christmas Face
  21. German Bonds – Sing Hallelujah!
  22. The Staple Singers – Last Month of the Year
  23. The Walkmen – X-Mas Party
  24. The Helio Sequence – December
  25. Mae West – With Love From Me To You
  26. Atlas Sound – New Years Day


  • Robert MacCready & Brandon Duhon – You Shouldn’t Have
  • Cultastic – Melt With You in the Snow


PFU’s Favorite Videos: 2010-2011 (and a couple trailers)

El Guincho - Bombay

Hey kids. The Best of 2011 cavalcade will be posted tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I would share some of my favorite videos of the last couple years. They are probably not any new news to anyone, but they are great and posted again here for your enjoyment. Spike Jones directed 2 of them, and they are playful and fun but, the best by far and actually my favorite music video of all time is “Bombay” by El Guincho. It is absolutely staggaring in how well made and how successfully ambitious it is. I hardly noticed the first time I watched it because it’s tone is so modest. I doubt I’ll see something do this much this well for a long time. My favorite from last year is by far the “Yonkers” video by Tyler, The Creator. Who knows if those Odd Future kids will make as lasting a mark as they initially seemed, but their entrance was undeniably spectacular. This video (and their Tonight Show appearance) were instrumental in their overnight rocket to stardom. The video does what any great video should do: it perfectly represents their style so that it further defines it, but still leaves them mysterious, AND the video is a great piece on its own. I don’t think I’ve been so unnerved and so charmed at the same time. The only problem is..now they have a lot to live up to.

Oh yeah, and Thee Oh Sees video is brilliant, the Cults video is a small landmark (and kind of offensive too), the Adele video makes me ok with her selling 11 trillion albums, and the Jacuzzi Boys managed to inspire their female fans to make a video using only their vaginas…that might just be rock and roll. I warned you…Enjoy.

Also, at the end I threw in 3 of my favorite indie trailers of 2011. The last of which (Rainbow’s End) was described as “a remaking of the Muppet Movie in east Texas…as a documentary…with cock-fighting.” Just watch it.

NOTE: THE JACUZZI BOYS VIDEO WAS TAKEN DOWN  (and replaced with something lame?) BUT IT WAS GIVEN ITS OWN SITE: http://jacuzzigals.com/          DO IT. SERIOUSLY.