PFU #031

USE: Crying Alone. For Him.

  1. The National – I Need My Girl
  2. Fleetwood Mac – Tusk
  3. Fred Williams & The Jewels Band – Tell Her
  4. Radiohead – There There
  5. Bob Dylan – Positively 4th Street
  6. Ray Charles – Losing Hand
  7. Cat Stevens – Trouble
  8. Pulp – The Fear
  9. Chuck Berry – Drifting Heart
  10. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Details of the War
  11. The Helio Sequence – October
  12. Crooked Fingers – When You Were Mine [Prince Cover]
  13. The Chi-lites – Oh Girl
  14. Willie Nelson – I’ve Never Cared For You
  15. John Lee Hooker – The Waterfront
  16. Broken Social Scene – Lover’s Spit
  17. Sammy Davis Jr. – The Party’s Over
  18. Wild Beasts – End Come Too Soon
  19. Tom Waits – Who Are You?
  20. Trentemoller – Miss You [Pole Remix]


The Undead (Again): A Scare Package From Production For Use

So we’re back. More to come.

Have A Happy Halloween.


USE: Music to Complement Costumes & Unsettle You in 2010

  1. David Cross – My Ass is Haunted
  2. Air – Dead Bodies [PFU Less French Edit]
  3. The Notorious B.I.G. – Niggas Bleed
  4. Sammy Salvo – A Mushroom Cloud
  5. Johnny Cash – Ain’t No Grave
  6. Can – Thief
  7. David McCallum – House Of Mirrors
  8. The Pixies – Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
  9. Trans Am – Prowler
  10. Lenny Bruce – My Werewolf Mama
  11. Swell Maps – The Graveyard Shift
  12. The Kinks – Wicked Anabella
  13. Clinic – Harmony
  14. Crack: We Are Rock – Hooker Leg
  15. The 5,6,7,8’s – Scream
  16. Sun Ra – Hot Skillet Mama
  17. Caribou – Bloody Murder
  18. Herbi Silvers and Sam Hoffman – So Attracted To You
  19. Luna – The Creeps
  20. Lalo Schifrin – Another Victim
  21. Radiohead – Meeting In The Aisle
  22. Link Wray – Jack the Ripper
  23. The Fiery Furnaces – The Duplexes of The Dead
  24. Muddy Waters – Evil
  25. Crooked Fingers – Juliette
  26. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Sticky
  27. Robert MacCready – A Stroke [Tape for Murmur]


Let The Healing Begin. The Heartbreak Anthology: Part 1.


Ka-Boom. This is the “official” beginning of Production For Use. For the first real post i didn’t want to leave anyone out. I tried to think of the most fitting and encompassing opening to a blog that aims to provide specified life soundtracks. Heartbreak was the only real answer.

Listening to music to deal with getting your heart stomped is probably the most common use of all music, ever since humans knew enough words to say “Fuck this, I’m leaving”.  I’m sure there’s a romantic explaination…something about the heart technically being an instrument. Cruelty and sensitivty appears to be engrained in our genetic make-up, therefore heartbreak is also the most common theme in music. It beats love songs by a mile…in numbers and appreciation. This isn’t surprising. Heartbreak is one of the only things everyone can relate to. Love songs are excessive supplements, break up songs are a necessity.

Against my better judgement I decided to take on the task of finding a handful of what I thought were the most useful songs for heartbreak. Not just song about heartbreak, but songs that would be useful when you are actually going through it. As you may imagine there is a long and diverse list. Heartbreak is never simple, even when it is.  Valentine’s Day seemed like the ideal place to start. PFU will be presenting several different collections of songs for romantic loss over the coming days. This is an attempt at a handy loveworn anthology. The mixes are gender specific and loosly follow the 7 stages of greif. The kick-off mix is for men, and the tone is angry.

Remember to please retain the song order.

PFU MIX #001

USE: Dealing with Heartbreak – Shock & Anger Stages. For Him.

  1. Steve Martin – How To Leave Your Lover
  2. Saul Williams – List of Demands (Reparations)
  3. Simon & Garfunkel – Cecilia
  4. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – There’s Something Wrong With You
  5. Q65 – Get Out Of My Life Woman
  6. The Wu-Tang Clan – Dogshit
  7. The Rolling Stones – Some Girls
  8. Zeigenbock Kopf – I Know Sorry When I See It
  9. The Sonics – Shot Down
  10. The Lovemakers – Whine and Dine (DJ Cuba Gooding Jr. Remix)
  11. Crooked Fingers – Solitary Man
  12. Desmond Dekker – This Woman
  13. Willie Nelson – Bloody Mary Morning
  14. The Dirtbombs – Lost Love
  15. Half Japanese – 1,000,000 Kisses
  16. Baby Huey & Baby Sitters – Messin With The Kid
  17. The Cold War Kids – There’s Something Not Right With Me
  18. Ghostface Killah – You Know That I’m No Good (Ft. Amy Winehouse)
  19. The Bee Gees – Earnest of Being George
  20. Pere Ubu – Final Solution
  21. Phoenix – Consolation Prizes
  22. John Lee Hooker – I’m Bad Like Jesse James (Live)
  23. Journey – You’re On Your Own