Since the prestigious Internet is so saturated with these things I had to select a concept that I thought was fitting considering what I have to offer. I wanted more than random 1-4 track leaks and I’m not suited to handle a dangerously hyper-focused (and wonderful) dorkout blog so I picked something that fit comfortably in the middle.

The aim of this blog is to give you a mix at least once every week. A small collection of songs with a central purpose, but not just a theme. I’ve found that 24 songs about water or visible panty lines don’t really have much of a practical use. The topic usually gets pretty tired by song 10 or 11, particularly without some sort of commentary.

The mixes here will be soundtracks suited to real life situations so that when in those situations they (hopefully) will be a top notch companion.

NOTE: I’m not trying to just give away songs. If ANY band does not want their work available through this blog, PLEASE tell me and I will repost the mix without it. Upon request I will provide ways to purchase any of the albums that these songs originally appear.  If you like these artists, buy them, and more importantly: Go to Their Shows and Buy Their Merch.



Most of the PFU Mixes will be downloadable only as a whole through Mediafire. There is little or no ads/spyware, and they’re relatively simple to use.

Click on the download link, it will take you to a page to download the mix. Click Download.

Each mix will be in a ZIP file format. Once the file has downloaded, move it to where you keep your music files and double click on the file. There is an “extracting” program built in to Macs and PCs, this is what activates when you double click the file. It just pulls the files out (into the same folder). Once the files are extracted into your music folder,  you can delete the .zip file and load the extracted music files into itunes or whatever you listen to music with. Done.

ONE FINAL NOTE: I spend a lot of time selecting the sequence of these songs. The order should automatically be retained after you put it on your computer, but if not please try to keep the songs in order. I will always provide a track list. It’s the key thing that makes these mixes what they are. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Explanation/Instructions

  1. this is genius. randomly stumbled upon it.

    only a true music lover would get it! or more like someone with good taste in tunes & lyricism.

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