PFU #001

USE: Heartbreak Music For Angry Men

  1. Steve Martin – How To Leave Your Lover
  2. Saul Williams – List of Demands (Reparations)
  3. The Cold War Kids – There’s Something Not Right With Me
  4. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – There’s Something Wrong With You
  5. Q*65 – Get Out Of My Life Woman
  6. The Wu-Tang Clan – Dogshit
  7. The Rolling Stones – Some Girls
  8. Desmond Dekker – This Woman
  9. Zeigenbock Kopf – I Know Sorry When I See It
  10. The Sonics – Shot Down
  11. Ghostface Killah – You Know That I’m No Good [Ft. Amy Winehouse]
  12. Harry Nilsson – You’re Breaking My Heart, You’re Tearing it Apart (So Fuck You)
  13. The Lovemakers – Whine and Dine [DJ Cuba Gooding Jr. Remix]
  14. The Dirtbombs – Lost Love [Joy Division Cover]
  15. Half Japanese – 1,000,000 Kisses
  16. Baby Huey & Baby Sitters – Messin’ With The Kid
  17. The Bee Gees – Earnest of Being George
  18. Too Short – Blow Job Betty
  19. Pere Ubu – Final Solution
  20. John Lee Hooker – I’m Bad Like Jesse James [Live]
  21. Journey – You’re On Your Own


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