Halloween Mix 2011 & HOMEMADE ZOMBIE MOVIE!

Hello Friends and Internets. Here is this year’s Halloween mix. It’s a long one, and should be perfect for your Halloween evening activities. This year I have a couple of extra treats for you too. The first is a Halloween “story” or experiance of sorts. It was done by Gregg Turkington (better known as Neil Hamburger). It is his comedic take on relaxation cassettes and it is truly hilarious and terrifying. The link is below.

The other is a little ZOMBIE MOVIE that me and some friends made for the 24 hour film contest. Bear in mind that the entire thing was shot, written, edited, and scored in 24 hours. It’s not exactly Brunel but it’s fun enough to spend 5 minutes on. I hope everyone likes the music and other goodies. Have a great Halloween…

Have fun.

A ZOMBIE MOVIE (Made in 24 Hours)


The Golding Institute [Neil Hamburger]  – Final Relaxation


PFU #019: Halloween Mix for 2011

USE: Accenting Terror

  1. George Carlin – Necrophilia
  2. John Carpenter Vs. Jim Jones – Duke Arrives [PFU’s Jonestown Edit]
  3. Dead Man’s Bones – Flowers Grow Out of My Grave
  4. Death in Vegas – Hands Around My Throat
  5. Gary “Spider” Webb – The Cave [Pt. 1]
  6. Harlem – Friendly Ghost
  7. Buddy Knox – I think I’m Gonna Kill Myself
  8. Paul Kalkbrenner – Castenets [Berlin Calling Edit]
  9. Andy Williams – Spooky
  10. Gravediggaz – 2 Cups of Blood
  11. Johnny Falstaff – Honky Tonk Blood
  12. Killing Joke – Requiem [Single Edit]
  13. Ty Segall – My Head Explodes
  14. Beastie Boys – Eugene’s Lament
  15. Band of Horses – Is There A Ghost?
  16. Bruce Springsteen – State Trooper
  17. Count Five – Psychotic Reaction
  18. Glass Candy – Halloween
  19. Dirty Beaches – Lord Knows Best
  20. The Modern Lovers – Party in the Woods Tonight
  21. The Pretenders – Space Invader
  22. François de Roubaix – The Ocean
  23. E.S.G. – U.F.O.
  24. Jake Thackray – The Castleford Ladies Magic Circle
  25. The Clean – At the Bottom [Live at the Gladstone]
  26. Ratatat – Wildcat
  27. Morrissey – Jack The Ripper [Live]
  28. Chain & The Gang – Deathbed Confession
  29. Arcade Fire – Black Mirror
  30. Johnny Cash – The Beast in Me
  31. Archers of Loaf – Chumming The Ocean


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