Past The Verge. The Heartbreak Anthology: Part 4


So it’s been a while I know, but things are now rolling again and this month the heartbreak anthology will be completed, at least this volume. This is the mix for women’s sadness, which is a brutal and powerful thing to experience for most involved parties. To be clear, I’m not talking about a scorned woman. That was the purpose of PFU #002. I’m talking about the times when a woman feels truly and honestly sad, desperate , and afraid that she is not or will not be loved. When she has no ideas of how to fix things, no plans for solutions or alternatives, just a dangerous vacuum. This has it’s own special and heavy gravity. With all attempts to have female sadness romanticized, marginalized, and  mocked I feel that its true impact never changes. I think it’s possible to appear unfazed or actually be temporarily indifferent to a devastated woman, but that doesn’t last. Only true sociopaths are immune.

When woman are strong or weak there seems to have be a comfortable cliche to soften, dismiss, or reverse the situation, but when women are truly destroyed, the world seems out of balance, something is wrong. Men don’t, and probably never will, have this power. I like that. Be it chauvinism, guilt, misguided pity, the reality of maternal nature, world history, personal hang-ups, or just me being a pussy…I don’t care. I like the fact that this gender imbalance (or at least my view of it) falls into the woman’s court.

I realize that the idea of making mixes for women that are supposed to sync up with their heaviest emotions is ridiculous, but this is my offering. I tried to feature songs that had a few various root causes of women’s sadness (relating specifically to heartbreak) that I have run across, from the understandable to the illogical and maddening. In an attempt to keep the relevance of this blog I am having two guest mixes for female sadness and anger that will be done by actual females coming later this month. Seeing the contrast alone should be fun or at least educational. Here we go ladies: A soundtrack to one of the things that (most)men are afraid of.

PFU MIX #004

USE: Dealing With Heartbreak, Shock and Depression Stages. For Her.

  1. Little Dragon – Twice
  2. Beach House – Some Things Last A Long Time
  3. Shangri-Las – I’ll Never Learn
  4. Lali Puna – Don’t Think
  5. Patsy Cline – Why Can’t He Be You?
  6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Down Boy
  7. Betty Crutcher – So Lonely Without You
  8. Blonde Redhead – Misery Is A Butterfly (Wicked Version)
  9. Aretha Franklin – Without The One I Love
  10. Holly Golightly with The Greenhornes – There Is An End
  11. Nina Simone – Either Way I Lose
  12. Cat Power – Metal Heart (Original Version)
  13. Heart – Alone
  14. Boss Hog – Texas
  15. Dolly Parton – Jolene
  16. Portishead – Mysterons
  17. Etta James – Fool That I Am
  18. Neko Case – (Look For Me) I’ll Be Around
  19. Delizia – Laissons Passer les Annees
  20. Mazzy Star – Into Dust
  21. Debbie Dean – A New Girl
  22. Yael Naim – Toxic


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